What is OUATTE?

Welcome to OUATTE, pronounced "what" with a French accent, (just give it your best Brigitte Bardot pout). OUATTE is short for "Once Upon A Time... The End." It celebrates the art of storytelling in the form of micro-tales of 140 characters or less. Short and sweet.

As many of you know, I'm writing a novel but that takes time (especially when I keep blogging instead). So in the meantime, I figure OUATTE is good practice for keeping things pithy. This blog is designed to keep a record of all the stories. You can also follow the stories on twitter by doing a search on #OUATTE.

Do you want to contribute some OUATTE stories of your own?

Submissions via Twitter: @isabellegregson  should be a maximum of 140 characters (including spaces so that they can be tweeted) and in the following format: #OUATTE Once Upon A Time [insert your bit] The End.

It's only been -  like what, five minutes? - and I'm already making logo changes. This was the original button. Then I realised that for some unexplicable reason, it sported a dog paw motif. I figured that might upset my growing feline following (Smoke my friend, you're still #1) so I've changed it to something more neutral. I for one think it's quite fetching and wouldn't look out of place on some ancient clay tablet in Mesopotamia.